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Veterans Disability is based on a Loss of Earning Capacity (without regard to the Veteran’s age) that is caused or aggravated by Service-Connected injuries or treatment of those injuries. Besides the services of Veterans Service Officers (VSO and CVSO), Attorneys, or Accredited Agents, there are two (2) things you need to Get your VA Disability Claim and Keep your VA Disability Rating: (1) Veterans Disability Evaluation and (2) Treatment.

PEARLS provides a Veterans Disability Assessment and Educational Treatment of Service-Connected disorders (Depression, Anxiety, or Trauma). This includes a Nexus statement. PEARLS is a Veterans Disability Evaluation followed by eight (8) Educational Treatments delivered by smart phone.

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Reasons for PEARLS

If you are having difficulty getting VA recognition for your Service-Connected Impairment(s) or the severity of problems, a Disability Evaluation can provide clarification. If you have difficulty getting treatment from the VA because of geographic or emotional issues, eight (8) Educational Treatment sessions for Depression, Anxiety, or Trauma documents ongoing needs.

PEARLS for Veterans is the Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding LiveS (PEARLS) .

PEARLS is Evidenced-Based

Evidenced-Based Treatment

People that received the PEARLS intervention were three times more likely than nonparticipants to significantly reduce their depressive symptoms or completely eliminate their depression. There were improvements in participants’ functional and emotional well-being, and they reduced their use of health care services. PEARLS can provide Disability Evaluation and Educational Treatment to veterans without geographic restrictions.