Scoring Programs 1

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These are test scoring programs

These programs are Free and use the Windows operating system. I started creating them for gambling treatment and it grew from there. It is recommended that you put them on a thumb drive or memory stick (whatever you call it). Create a directory called XTesting on the root directory. That is the location the Gtesting.exe program will look for the programs, and that is the location where all the programs will append test results in a Text file called Xtest.txt. If you put the files in the right subdirectory, it should work for you like it does for me. You can put a text file called Xtest.txt for the program to use in the XTesting subdirectory, or it will create a file on its own. The GTesting.exe program will give you an error when trying to clear the text file and then will create it automatically when it scores the first test. For any technical issue, call 800 595-4053.

GTesting Program will run the other programs.

 Clear Data is used to overwite the XTest.txt file

 Read Data is used to transfer XTest.txt to the clip board.

South Oaks Gambling Screen is a gambling assessment.

 DSM is another gambling test.

 Modified Mini Screen (MMS) is a general mental illness screening.

 Mental Health Screening Form - III is another general mental illness screenling tool.


Simple Screening Instrument for Alcohol and Other Drugs (SSI-AOD)

 Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST-20) is a standard drug screening test.

 Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST) is a standard alcohol use disorder test for people under 50 years of age.

 Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test Geriatric (MAST-G) is a standard alcohol use disorder scale for people 50 years and older. Geriatric starts at 50.